Fall 2019

25 September, 2019

Jane Gordon (University of Connecticut)

“No Socialism without Slavery on this Wretched Earth: Rosa Luxembourg on Original Class Domination and Deadly Nature.”

16 October, 2020

Greg Conti (Princeton)

“L’âme générale d’une assemblée’: A Neglected Parliamentarian and the Restoration Theory of Representation.”

30 October, 2019

Christian F. Rostbøll (University of Copenhagen)

“Populism and Publicity: The Participant Perspective.”

13 November, 2019

Antonio Y. Vázquez-Arroyo (Rutgers University)

“Immanent Transcendence, Realism, Utopia.”

11 December, 2020

Chiara Cordelli (University of Chicago)

“The Wrong of Privatization.”